The Best Gifts For Photographers To Cover All Budgets

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Gifts For Photographers

Find the best gifts for photographers. From gifts for the photography enthusiast to gifts for camera lovers. We share gift ideas for photographers that they will love but that won’t break the budget.

Don’t know what to get a Photographer?

Photography can be an expensive passion which makes it hard to know what to get the photographer in your life.

Although they may be lusting after their next big purchase ( the Sony a7R III Camera if my husband happens to be reading this, hint,hint ), that may be a little out of your price range.

We have come up with this list to cover you with gift ideas for photographers, from cool camera accessories they will love to stocking stuffers just for photographers. Find cheap gifts for photographers that you can actually afford. 

Keep reading for our ultimate list of gifts for photographers.


Cheap Gifts For Photographers

A lot of the best gifts for photographers and be expensive. You can still buy something that they will love on a budget though. Here are some of the best cheap gifts for photographers, from some that are a little fun to really useful accessories.


Gifts For Photographers Under $20


Photography Reflector


Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers: Allows them to get the perfect light for their shoots while not taking up much room in their camera bag. If you have ever seen how much equipment a photographer carries, you will understand why they will love this pocket version. 


Adobe Post Processing Shortcuts Keyboard Skin


Why they make perfect gifts for photography lovers: Help them learn all the shortcuts and cut their editing time down! Photographers can spend hours and hours editing their work. You are sure to be their new favorite after this gift.

Check whether they use Photoshop or Lightroom first.


Camera Lens Pillow Case


Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers: Photographers can be a little obsessive about their passion, why not help them even dream of it.


Gifts for photographers under $50


Photographers Watch



Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers: Photographers love gadgets and this is perfect for the one that already has everything else.


Remote Shutter Release



Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers: You might think this is unimpressive but trust me, they will love being able to control their camera remotely. From taking magical travel selfies to long exposure photography, this will help them up their photography game.

Make sure you get the right camera type.


Photography Books



Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers: From technique help to stunning coffee table books, there is nothing better to help inspire a photographer to take their next stunning image.

Find a whole range of photography books to choose from here.


Cool Camera Accessory Gifts

You can’t go wrong with camera gadgets when looking for good gifts for photographers. Just be sure to check what camera and lens they use!


Bokeh Kit



Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers: This kit will have the photographer in your life getting creative and fun with their photographs. Photographers love trying new photography techniques and this will let them create some amazing images. 


WiFi Flash Memory Cards



Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers: This card allows photographers to transfer photos from their camera to their computer, tablet and mobile device through Wi-Fi connection. Never let them loose their precious images again with this handy little card. 





Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers: There are Lensbaby lenses to suit every creative and their camera. From Tilt-Shift effects to Sweet Spot. Help them to create unusual and fun images.


Camera Strap

If your photographer friend does commercial photography or professional portrait photography then a good camera strap will be a very welcomed gift. Proffesional cameras can get heavy and uncomfortable if worn around a neck strap. Make life easier for them with a waist or over shoulder strap. 


Fun Gifts For Photographers

Looking for cool gifts for photographers that are a bit of fun too? Check out these ideas. 


Photographers Coffee Cup



Why they’re perfect gifts for camera lovers: Because not everything can be serious, right? And who doesn’t love coffee?

Find lots more photography mugs here.


Funny T-shirt for a Photographer



Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers:  A bit of photography fun, even for when they don’t have their camera with them.

Looking for different captions? Find more t-shirts for photographers here.


Photographers Ring Silver Photographers Ring Silver 



Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers:  f-stop may mean nothing to you but they will love this fun and quirky bling.


Click to see more photography jewelry they will love.



Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Photographers

From cute gifts for photographers to something funny. Find Christmas gifts for photographers here.


Camera Shaped USB 2.0 Flash Drive 



Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers:  You may not be able to buy fancy camera gifts but this USB is super cute and practical.


Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras and Sensors 



Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers:  It may not be the sexiest gift but every photographer needs a cleaning kit like this to care for their camera.


DOFLY Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit for phone


Why they make perfect presents for photographers: When they may not want to carry around their bulky DSRL camera this little kit is perfect to let them create amazing images on their smartphone.


Perfect Gift Ideas For Photographers


Portable Hard Drive



Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers: A photographers worst nightmare is losing their images. Help prevent disaster with a reliable and auto back up Hard Drive.


DSLR Camera Bag



Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers: From practical and hardy to stylish. Find the perfect camera bag to suit your photographer’s personality while helping them protect and transport their photography equipment.

Find more camera bag options here.


Photo Gifts

Why it’s the perfect gift for photographers: You could pick any type of photo gift ideas to present them with unique photo gifts. A wall canvas of their favorite image? A photo album of their best work? Picture gift ideas can be a special keepsake they will treasure. 


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Did you find the perfect gifts for photography lovers? 





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