How To Photograph Sunset and Sunrise

Best Sunrise Photography Tips

Sunset and Sunrise Photography Tips   You got an early night, got all your prep down pat and are up in the dark hours of the early morning to catch an epic sunrise ( If you missed our last post on how to photograph Sunrise make sure you catch up). Now to the best photography … Read More

How To Photograph Northern Lights

northern lights iceland

Photographing The Northern Lights Seeing the northern lights dance across the sky is a dream many travelers have. And one of those rare wonders where the reality is actually better than the dream.  Trying to describe and find the right words for how they ripple and shimmy across the night sky in a blaze of … Read More

How to photograph sunrise while travelling

Sunrise over The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

How to photograph a sunrise: Follow these easy photography tips to create your own amazing sunrise images.   Motivating my half asleep body out of the perfectly shaped cocoon of bedding I have created in the dark, early hours of the morning does not come naturally to me. It is something I avoid at all … Read More

How to take stunning beach photos: 5 easy photography tips.

Travel With Meraki - Beach Photography tips -Wamberal Beach - NSW - Australia

Simple beach photography tips to take amazing beach pictures   Golden sands, sunlight glittering off azure waves and dramatic coastlines. There is something about the beach that instantly soothes the soul.   Studies have proven that being near the ocean is better for our overall health…but did you know that just looking at an image … Read More

Travel Photography Tips For Family Vacation Pictures

Photography Tips For Better Holiday Pictures

Easy photography tips for family travel Want to avoid the dreaded awkward family photos or just make sure you capture all those amazing family vacation memories?  Holiday family photos can be some of the most precious memories of childhood. On fun family vacations everyone is relaxed and often the scenery is pretty special too.  Making … Read More

Easy Travel Photography Tips For Beginners That Will Help You Take Amazing Travel Photos

travel camera 

Easy travel photography tips for better travel photography  From photography beginners to those who just want to improve vacation photos. Everyone can use these helpful travel photography tips.    Travel Photography is the magic combination of capturing memories, amazing destinations and people.  After taking an epic adventure, all those travel photos become even more valuable to … Read More