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Meraki Meaning

Lots of people ask us why “Travel with Meraki”?, so I thought I would share the meaning of Meraki.

We often get asked if Meraki is our last name! Unfortunately, I have a much more boring last name than that ( both before and after my marriage name change, ha, ha).

I stumbled across the word Meraki one day and instantly fell in love with the meaning. We all know that words have power, and this one is special. 


Meraki Translation


What Language Is The Word Meraki From?

Meraki in greek [may-rah-kee]

  • Meraki is a Greek word. One of those words that doesn’t really translate into English very well. Although it is hard to define Meraki the closet Meraki meaning in English is:

“ When you leave a piece of yourself, your soul, creativity, and love in what you do. To put a little bit of yourself into something”

This Meraki quote sums up not only how we feel when we travel but is basically how I want to live life!

I am even seriously considering a Meraki tattoo to remind myself daily to put a little bit of myself into everything I do. ( If I am brave enough one day, I will add a picture!).


Meaning Of Meraki To Me


The idea of adding love, and the essence of yourself to everything you do seems to me like a wonderful way to spread love and happiness. I naturally practice Meraki when I spend time with my children, travel, am taking photos or doing other things I love to do.

To me, it is taking the time to devote my complete energy and focus on the activity at hand. Instead of what’s on my to-do list next. I think Meraki and mindfulness, come hand in hand.

I am trying hard to do the same for activities I don’t like so much too, like cooking and other household jobs. By really taking the time to concentrate on what I am doing at the time and trying my very best to do it with love. It is a work in progress but instead of dreading or putting off tasks, I am looking for those small things I can put a little extra effort into.


How do you use Meraki in a sentence?


As it is not an English word, this is a little tricky. You could for example say:

  • “This handmade gift was made by me with meraki”
  • “I made your birthday cake with meraki”
  • “This room looks amazing, I can tell you decorated with meraki”


Are you a logophile?

A logophile is someone that loves words!

If you love the meaning of Meraki and have a bit of a thing for words like me, then I recommend this gorgeous book:




Do you like the meaning of Meraki?

Is there a word you just fell in love with too? I would love to hear about it in the comments.


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