Best Cameras For Traveling With Kids

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 The best cameras for travel from families who travel with kids. 


As an avid photographer, I love spending time lost in other travel photographs from around the globe. Mix in some happy children exploring the world and I think you have the perfect image.

Trying to decide what camera to use for family travel can be confusing with so many options available these days for photography equipment.

Then you need to find the best travel camera that takes amazing landscapes and travel scenes but is also great at capturing those fast moving and energetic children.

I decided to help you out by asking some of my favourite travel families what camera they love to shoot with. I would love to hear what camera you use in the comments.

As all these amazing parents are also travel bloggers, you can also find the best camera for blogging here too. 


Eric from Travel Babbo


best camera for vacation


Canon Travel Camera

“I love my Canon 6D for travel. It’s a standard full-frame DSLR, which means it’s heavier than a mirrorless or point-and-shoot, but I’m always happy with the images, and it allows me to use all of my Canon lenses.

This year I tried out the Sony a7rii mirrorless for six months and wasn’t happy with it. The RAW files are too large, which slows down my laptop, and the battery life is terrible. The photos are good, but they’re missing something. Soul? Warmth? Passion?

So I’ve returned to the Canon and will be upgrading to the 6DMII shortly. The camera just feels right in my hands, and the photos look and feel right to me.”



Find more beautiful images from Eric on his Instagram account.


Narelle from A Little At Large


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Best Cameras For Beginner Photography

“Having converted from Nikon to Sony recently, and going mirrorless, I would not ever go back.

I shoot with the Sony A711 – which is a compact camera, excellent for travel as it is light and portable, but I have weighed it down a little with my fav lens – the G master 24-70 F2.8 which is heavier than I would recommend carrying, but a great all rounder with no changing required for a novice.

I find for my level of photography (still learning) this has been a great camera so far. The menus are easy to navigate, there are heaps of online tutorials on Sony and having been a Sony brand lover all my life, I feel comfortable, not overwhelmed with it in my hands.

It is nimble for on the run shooting (a must when you are mostly shooting kids or things that happen on the road), focuses fast and is razor sharp and the ISO capabilities (how much light the camera can work with to shoot in all conditions) is nothing short of superb on the Sony mirrorless range.

I can set ISO to auto if I am being lazy and I hardly ever get an under or overexposed shot. I have also been practicing more low light shots, which I am loving and which I would not have attempted one a Nikon.

The big plus for me with the Sony is that I have gone from shooting hundreds of shots and hoping for the best results to really enjoy using my camera’s settings to get the shots as good as possible first, second time or ok, third time. Saving $ on downloads and deletion times for sure.

I often get asked about the pop in my pics – which I attribute to the camera – not some skill that I have mastered. They are an investment for sure (i.e not cheap) but if you are serious about getting great shots – they are worth every dollar.

I am saving for a longer range lens (lenses for Sony are ridiculously expensive but use the best glass) but again, an investment in the outcome you want to achieve in your work.

Sony – if you want to make me a mom ambassador – I am waiting for your call ?”



See more stunning photographs from Narrelle here.





My third eye for capturing memories by Lonneke from

By JetPack


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Camera For Travel Photography

“Quite some years ago, we purchased this Nikon D90, but never really used it. At the birth of our youngest son, we (or rather, my love) shot some ‘first moments’ with it, without really knowing what we were doing.
That is until we planned to travel the world for a year. Somehow this seemed like an appropriate time to learn how to use the Manual mode. In the weeks leading up to our departure to Sri Lanka, we took the camera with us on our hikes across our island Texel and the joy of capturing something that conveys how the moment actually felt, grew with every trip.
When we arrived in Asia, I was so happy to be able to do justice to all the colors and shapes that present themselves so abundantly in this magnificent part of the world!
Recently I started shooting almost everything with a 50 mm lens, which feels even closer to my heart: it works the same way as my brain, it zooms in on the most essential thing and all else envelopes this object as a beautiful, blurry halo.”


We love By Jetpacks gorgeous Instagram feed. We’re sure you will too.


Kelly from No Man Before

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Best Mirrorless Camera For Travel

“Last year I switched from an older model Nikon DSLR to the Fujifilm X-T2, a 24 MP mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor.

I had some hesitation switching to a mirrorless camera since DSLRs have been the standard for so long, but couldn’t be happier with the decision.

The Fujifilm X-T2 is compact and light, which has made it so much more convenient to carry around when traveling.

The 18-55mm kit lens is both great quality and great value when you buy it with the body.

The image quality is excellent, and should only get better with an upgraded lens.

I love that this camera has easy-to-access direct controls for ISO, aperture and shutter speed. This makes it fast and convenient to make adjustments while you’re shooting without having to go to the camera’s on-screen menu.

I haven’t used it to shoot video that much, but the XT-2 is 4K capable and the short footage I have shot looks great. “



Take a look at Kelly’s beautiful photographs and adventures here.


Jess from Let’s Adventure Some More

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Best Cameras For Travel

“If I told you that I’m a professional photographer back in California, it would probably come as no surprise that my camera is one of my most prized travel gear possessions. It is right up there with my passport, travel itinerary, and SIM cards. When we decided to take a trip around the world, it was a no-brainer for me that I would take my Canon 5 mark iii with us. It’s not compact. It’s not light. But the quality of images cannot be beaten. And it’s a workhorse. For me, it’s worth carrying around in a backpack or around my neck because I know I will use it.

I’m also a “one lens” kind of girl and don’t like swapping lenses out too often. For our trip, I wanted one lens that would work well in all sorts of situations. After much research, I purchased the Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8 II USM. It was a bit of splurge for me, but again, having long-lasting high-quality images is top priority.

With these two pieces, I have a full range of lighting, distance, and focal situations.”




Best Family Camera

I hope this has helped you pick your own best cameras for traveling.

Remember that these are not just cameras for travel, they will also be amazing cameras to capture all your special family moments and are not just for family vacations. 

What do I think is the best camera for photography? Find out what travel camera I use over on our resources page. 

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Did you find your new family camera in this list of best travel cameras? 

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