About Us

Hi, I’m Kirsty.

I have had an obsession with photography since I got my first camera as a 7-year-old.

Today I wander and explore as much as I can, collecting moments, making memories and sharing stories.

Travel With Meraki are a family of five with itchy feet, who travel whenever we have the opportunity. Sometimes that means a local trip to explore somewhere new, sometimes it means a solo trip, or even a parents only retreat. Other times it includes jumping on a plane for 30+ hours with three kids in tow.

To us, life is about the experiences we have. It is about what we can give to our children, ourselves and others around this beautiful world rather than the possessions we collect.

Between us we have experienced more than 40 amazing countries. Some of these we have lived in for a time, others we have travelled solo, on tours, with work, as a couple and with a family.

Home is the beautiful East Coast of Australia.  We make the most of our stunning country while dreaming up our next big adventure. There’s no trust fund or hugely paid jobs. We are just an average family that wants to make the most of this amazing world of ours.

As we have grown we realised there are so many things you are expected to do. So many rules to follow the norm. It felt so restricting and dull so we decided that’s not how we are going to choose to live our lives. Our greatest wish is that we are teaching our children by example. We want them to live wild, full lives, doing what makes them light up. We want to teach them to be extraordinary. We know you wish the same for yourself and if you have children, for them too.

Our hope is that we can share our travel adventures with you, while helping and inspiring you to make your own travel dreams a reality.