What photography can teach you about life.

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 Here are some simple life lessons learned from photography.  


I’m guessing that over your life you have taken a lot of photographs.

I’ve been taking photos for many years. Ever since I got a free Kit Kat camera at the age of 7.

It’s only recently, though when I realised photography is my therapy that I understood the life lessons photography has given me.

I’m not one for self-help books but one day when I was talking to my kids about learned life lessons, I started using how I created my images for life lessons. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer, someone that loves photography as a hobby, or you snap images on your smartphone, anyone can learn these life lessons from the simple art of photography. 


Life Lessons Learned




Stopping and looking at a situation through your lens. Then planning the image you are going to create is how photography makes us look for the beauty in everything.

The mundane, the sad, the unexpected and the everyday.

For everything that happens in life, we can learn to be thankful.

One of the things to learn in life is that even in something that seems to be disastrous there’s a part we can be grateful for, even if it takes a while to think of it. Looking for things to be grateful for is an amazing life skill to have. 




When you are taking a photo, you are in the moment.

Not worried about what has happened, how you are going to lose 5 kilos or what your five-year plan is.

All that matters is what is in that frame. 



Life is about sharing.

Taking an amazing photograph doesn’t mean too much until you share it with others.

There is also a special connection you get from others when you take their photo.

The best portrait photographers seem to capture a little piece of a person’s soul and show you that through their photograph. Next time you take a photograph of someone, see if you can capture a little piece of their personality and watch your connection grow. 



Have you ever given a photograph to someone, either as a gift or because it’s of a subject that is close to their heart? 

Giving brings such joy to both the person receiving and the person giving…do it more often. There’s too much take in the world.

Even the act of taking a photo for someone is giving. If you have ever seen someones face light up after you have managed to capture them perfectly, you will know what I mean.  



Forget the Ego

When you take yourself out of the image and show the subject for what it is rather than for what you see it, that’s when the magic happens.

And one of the greatest life lessons… that includes selfies!


All emotions make up life

It’s full of the good, the bad and the ugly.

How boring would photography be if it was just full of smiling faces? 

Images that show feelings other than happiness are some of the most beautiful and moving.  Accept emotions for what they are.


And while we are on smiling….

Ever try to make a child smile for a photo?

Life lesson – don’t try and fake it, or push it. Go for what is natural.

Sometimes the best photos of a person are of when they aren’t smiling, but engrossed in an activity they love. 


Life is about heart

You can know every technical detail about your camera and taking a photograph….that doesn’t mean you will take a good photograph.

It needs to have heart. The same goes for life.


Be prepared….but go with the flow


Seriously, nothing is worse than seeing the photograph opportunity of a lifetime and not having your camera.

The flip side being, no matter how much planning you do or whether you have all the right equipment with you…sometimes the sunrise is a dud. 

Let it go! And go back to lesson 1.


TravelwithMeraki Travel with kids Bradleys Beach Dangar Island NSW Australia
Sometimes going with the flow creates amazing moments. Dangar Island, NSW.


Look for a different angle

What are the most amazing photos of the everyday or over photographed subjects?

The ones that are taken from a different angle.

Same goes with obstacles in life. One of my favorite lessons learned. 


Photography is all about the details….and the bigger picture

Make sure you take both into consideration for life too.

life greatest lessons
Pay attention to the details, while making sure you take in the bigger picture. Bogon Beach, NSW.


And lastly…but most importantly.


Love really does make the world go around

It may be corny and an overrated saying, but it’s true.

Wedding photos, family portraits, photojournalism showing people helping others in times of hardship… even travel photography.

It’s all about love.

Love for each other, our world, for this beautiful gift of life.


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 The best life lessons learned from photography. 

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