Ultimate Guide To Central Coast Beaches, NSW

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 Things to do Central Coast, and all the best beaches Central Coast has to offer!


We are very blessed to call the beautiful Central Coast, NSW on the East Coast of Australia home.

Exploring and adventuring in our own backyard is just as important as travelling the globe in our view so we set a challenge to visit all the Central Coast beaches!

Having been a local for over 20 years I assumed that I had been to most of the Central Coast beaches already. What I didn’t realise was just how many beaches there are…and how many I had never even heard of, let alone explored.

If you are new to the area first, here’s a little info on the Central Coast, NSW


Central Coast

The Central Coast is an hour north of Sydney, making it perfect for day trips from Sydney ( although we suggest staying longer!).

We have everything from some of the best coastal walks in NSW to Australian wildlife encounters. 



Things to do Central Coast

Although we love the Central Coast beaches, there are lots of other great things to do on the Central Coast, NSW.

  • Go Surfing – check out the latest central coast surf report here 
  • Learn To Surf – find the best Central Coast Beaches to learn to surf in this post
  • Watch the daily Pelican feeding at The Entrance – more details in this post
  • See ancient Aboriginal rock art at Brisbane Water National Park
  • Check out local Artisan and Farmers Markets. Find about Central Coast Markets here
  • Watch our local soccer team The Central Coast Mariners with an amazing view at the stadium in Gosford
  • Watch whales pass the coast in whale season.
  • Climb through the trees at Treetop Adventure Park
  • See Dingo’s, snakes, spiders, wombats, platypus and more at The Australian Reptile Park.


Accommodation Central Coast Australia

We have every type of accommodation. From Luxury accommodation Terrigal to family-friendly Central Coast holiday parks.

Here are some ideas if you are looking for Central Coast accommodation:

  • Camping Central Coast and camping grounds central coast.
  • Holiday Rentals Central Coast
  • Central Coast Luxury Accommodation 


Central Coast Weather

If you are heading to the coast for a day trip and plan on visiting some of our amazing beaches then head to the bom Central Coast for the latest weather report here


Central Coast NSW Map

Use this Central Coast Map to find all the Central Coast beaches we mention in this post!




How many beaches are on the Central Coast?

There are 41 beaches on the Central Coast and of course, then there is the debate on bays, inlets, etc and if they count?

Here is a list of the beaches we have visited so far.

Central Coast Beaches, NSW

  • Avoca Beach
  • Bateau Bay Beach
  • Bongon Beach
  • Bradleys Beach
  • Copacabana Beach
  • Coral Fern Beach
  • The Entrance Beach
  • Ettalong Beach
  • Forresters Beach
  • Frazer Beach
  • The Haven
  • Lobster Beach
  • Maitland Bay
  • Norah Head Beach
  • North Avoca Beach
  • Patonga Beach
  • Pearl Beach
  • Shelly Beach
  • Spoon Bay
  • Terrigal Beach
  • Toowoon Bay
  • Wamberal Beach
  • Umina-Ocean Beach

Since this was all in the name of fun and exploration, we have set out to just visit as many as we can find!

This list will continue growing as we keep adventuring.

If you have a beach that we haven’t visited yet, we would love for you to let us know about it in the comments.

This isn’t a list of the best beaches on the Central Coast… we believe everyone wants something different from their beach visit so instead, why not go exploring and discover your personal favourite beach.

You will find everything from beachside camping, to beach fishing and even a Central Coast nudist beach!

Please be aware that these are all personal opinions and things can change. It is wise to check safety guidelines and SLSC patrols before visiting any beach.


Avoca Beach


Travel With Meraki - Avoca Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: From September school holidays till April School holidays.

Length: 1km long.

Beach Conditions: Avoca is one of the most popular surf spots on the Coast and the waves can get huge off Avoca Point.

Central Coast Surf School offer lessons here on the smaller waves further down the beach, which is a fun activity for all the family.

Be sure to swim in between the flags and watch for rips and currents. If the lagoon is open do not swim near this area.  There is a great rock pool for the children to swim in just near the Surf Club.

Facilities: There are outdoor showers just off the beach and toilets in the Surf Club.

Food and Drink: You are spoilt for choice at Avoca. There is both a cafe and a kiosk right on the beach at the Surf Club. If sipping cocktails is more your style, Avoca Surf House has a fun, relaxed atmosphere where you can watch sunsets over the water from the balcony.

Parking: There is parking right near the beach at the surf club. This popular spot fills up fast and you may find yourself having to park further down the road near at a dirt carpark and field.

Nearby: Avoca is a brilliant spot to spend some time with the family.

There is a fully fenced play area at the back of the Surf Club for younger children. Or head to  Aquafun on the lake to try your hand at kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and pedal-boats.

Every fourth Sunday of the month the Avoca Beachside Markets, are held at Heazlett Park just next to the lake. Here you will find local produce, delicious food stalls, artists wares and live music.

Another highlight at Avoca is the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. Located just off the beach, the historic single-screen cinema has a strong local community vibe and has some great events as well as wonderful films.


Looking for a post on beach accessibility? Smithsholidayroad have a great article on exploring beaches in their local area in Melbourne. Read more here. 


Bateau Bay Beach


Travel With Meraki - Bateau Bay Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No

Length: 0.2km long

Beach Conditions: To get to the beach is a steep but short walk with steps.

This beach is sheltered by two headlands making the waves that come into the beach usually small. Close to shore the water can get deep and there are rocks and reefs.

Facilities: There is a basic toilet block near the car park. 

Food and Drink: Picnic tables are available before the walk down to the beach. There are a few local stores on the nearby Bateau Bay Rd.

Parking: There is a small carpark at the top of the beach walkway.

Nearby: Bateau Bay beach is surrounded by Wyrrabalong National Park for exploring. Crackneck lookout is also close by and a popular spot with locals for bushwalking and whale spotting in the right season.


Bongon Beach


Travel With Meraki - Bongon Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No

Length: 0.05km long

Beach Conditions: Although this beach is sheltered there is a rip that runs from the beach out near the rocks so take care.

Facilities: Toilets and camping facilities are at Frazer Beach.

Food and Drink: There are picnic and BBQ facilities at nearby Frazer Beach. 

Parking: You can park at Frazer Blowhole or walk from the carpark at Frazer Beach and walk along the rocks to the beach.

Nearby: Snapper Point Sea Cave is a great spot to watch the power of the ocean. The rocks are also popular for rock fishing but it very dangerous and there have been numerous drownings here. Bongon Beach is located in Munmorah State Conservation Area and there are some great walks in the park.


Bradleys Beach


Travel With Meraki - Bradleys Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No

Beach Conditions: At high tide, the beach is great for swimming. Low tide brings its own fun with soldier crabs and mud rivers to explore.

Facilities: There are picnic areas and toilet facilities nearby.

Food and Drink: There is a cafe and local store at the ferry terminal. The islands Bowling Club is open Thursday and Friday for dinners, Saturdays for lunch and dinner and Sunday for lunch.

Parking: There are no private cars allowed on Dangar Island. Reach this beach by catching the ferry from Brooklyn and heading to Grantham Crescent.

Nearby: There are various walks around the island to enjoy. Technically this beach is in Hornsby shire but we had so much fun catching the ferry for the day we thought we would include it.


Looking for kid-friendly beaches in Sydney.  Click here to see Adventure, Baby!’s great post on her top 22.

Copacabana Beach


Travel With Meraki - Macmasters Beach - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: From September school holidays till April School holidays.

Length: 0.75km long

Beach Conditions:  One of the quieter beaches on the coast. There are some strong rips at this beach so when swimming, make sure you are between the flags. If conditions are rough it may be best to head to the rock pool with children.

Copa is a surfing hotspot and most days you will see surfers enjoying the waves.

Facilities: There are both toilet and shower facilities at the surf club.

Food and Drink: On Del Monte Drive you will find a small selection of stores and cafes. Allagai Bay Cafe and Copaccino’s being a couple of the most popular.

Parking: Parking can be found on Del Monte Drive, just near the local shops or street parking further up from here.

Nearby: There is a park and skate park for the kids just behind the beach. If you want a view to wow take a short drive on Del Monte Place. At the top of the hill is Captain Cook Lookout, sure to impress with its sweeping coastal scenes.


Coral Fern Beach


Travel With Meraki - Coral Fern Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No

Beach Conditions: This beach is remote so take care when swimming.

Facilities: Toilets and camping facilities are available at Frazer Beach.

Food and Drink: Picnic and BBQ facilities are nearby at Frazer Beach. 

Parking: You will need to walk along bush tracks to get to this beach. Park at Frazer Beach or Frazer Blowhole.

Nearby: Munmorah State Conservation Area has lots of great walks and plenty of other beaches to explore on the way.


 The Entrance Beach


Travel With Meraki - The Entrance Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: During the summer months.

Length: 0.3km long. 

Beach Conditions: A great beach for swimming but can be dangerous near the Entrance Channel. There is a constant break just off the beach which is popular with learn to surf.

The Entrance is a great place to go fishing with popular spots in Tuggerah Lake and near the rocks.

Facilities: Public toilets are located near the information centre. There is also a wide variety of The Entrance accommodation avaible to suit every taste and budget.

Food and Drink: The Entrance has plenty of cafes, restaurants and eating establishments from Fish and Chips to cute French Cafes and Fine Dining.

Parking: There is a main car park near the Memorial Park and street parking all along the beach front.

Nearby: The Entrance is known as the Pelican capital of Australia.  Every day at 3:30 pm near the Memorial Park pelicans gather for the feeding. Be sure to arrive early for a front row seat.

If the beach is too much there is a fun and colourful water play area in the centre of the shopping precinct. This has a great park nearby too.

The Memorial Park often has fun events and during the school holidays, there are rides and stalls.

If you take a walk along the boardwalk you can enjoy the views, learn about local history from signs along the way and will end up at The Entrance Baths. These are two ocean baths that make a great swimming spot for kids.



Ettalong Beach


Travel With Meraki - Ettalong Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No

Beach Conditions: This is a great spot for wadding with shallow and calm waters.

There are also plenty of great spots to fish, with flathead, bream and whiting being popular catches.

Facilities: Facilities are available at the Foreshore. 

Food and Drink: Box on the Water has a cute beach kiosk as well as a sit-down restaurant and is located just near the children’s playground. There are also plenty of cute and quirky cafes within the town. Our fave restaurant here is Safran. Located in Ettalong Markets Tourist Resort, it serves the most amazing modern Turkish dishes.

Parking: There is plenty of parking in town and limited street parking.

Nearby: You can catch the ferry from here to Sydney’s Palm Beach ( the setting for Home & Away’s, Summer Beach). It makes a fun and easy day trip.

There is a bike track all the way to Umina Surf Club from Ettalong. It’s a flat trip so good for families. Alternatively, you can take the 4km walk along the beach.


Forresters Beach


Travel With Meraki - Forresters Beach - NSW - Australia-1059


Patrolled: No

Length: 1.5km

Beach Conditions: Waves can vary in size dramatically along Forries. Further out are reef areas. These can get big waves and you will often see surfers riding waves that can reach up to 6 metres.

As this beach is unpatrolled you will find it is one of the quieter beaches on the coast. Most days you will only be joined by locals walking their dogs and fisherman with a couple of lines out.

At either end of the beach, you will find rockpools.

Facilities: There are two main entrances to the beach. The access near Crystal Street has a basic toilet block, showers and easier access. The other access walkway has been neglected by the local council and is difficult to walk down for some.

Food and Drink:  There are no cafes or stores near the beach but about 1km away on Forresters Beach Rd you will find Forries Cafe, Little Gull, as well as other small stores and the gorgeous Gracelands gallery and functions venue.

Parking: The best parking is at the end of Crystal Street.

Nearby: Joining the food stores on Forresters Beach Rd you will find the divine Drift.


Frazer Beach


Travel With Meraki - Frazer Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: Christmas and Easter school holidays.

Length: 0.4m long.

Beach Conditions: There are strong rips here permanently so take care and watch children closely at all times.

Frazer Beach is a popular surf spot with a good break just off the beach.

Facilities: Toilets and camping facilities are available.

Food and Drink: There are picnic and BBQ facilities so byo.

Parking: There is a car park right just near the beach.

Nearby: Snapper Point Sea Cave is a great spot to watch the power of the ocean. The rocks are also popular for rock fishing but it very dangerous and there have been numerous drownings here. Bongon Beach is a short walk and there are some great walks in the Munmorah State Conservation Area.


The Haven


Travel With Meraki - The Haven - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No

Length: 0,2km long.

Beach Conditions: The Haven is usually calm and flat, making it perfect for families.

It is a great location for a variety of watersports such as paddleboarding, bodyboarding, kayaking, fishing and snorkelling. When snorkelling you may be lucky enough to see some of the local stingrays that live in the area.

Surfing can be done off the nearby point if conditions are right.

From The Haven it is possible to take deep sea fishing trips. Dives to the nearby Ex-HMAS Adelaide are also popular.

Facilities: Outdoor showers are just off the beach and toilet facilities are nearby under the Trojan HQ.

Food and Drink: Free BBQ facilities and seating overlook the Haven are available but may be difficult to secure during popular times. There are also various cafes just near the beach such as Cove Cafe as well as the beautiful  Reef Restaurant. There is a cafe where you can also grab take-away Fish and Chips.

Parking: This area can be very popular, especially on weekends and in school holidays. There are many parking spots available but they fill up fast so it best to arrive early.

Nearby: It is only a short walk into Terrigal from here. There is also a sporting oval for public use, if not being used for local sports as well as a walking track and off-leash area for dogs.

The Skillion is a popular landmark and if you are willing to climb the stairs offers amazing views over Terrigal, Avoca, Wamberal and Forresters Beach. During migration season it is also an amazing spot to watch humpback whales pass by.


Lobster Beach


Travel With Meraki - Lobster Beach - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No

Length: 0.32km

Beach Conditions: If you really want a little slice of paradise without the crowds then Lobster Beach is for you. The only way to reach this beach is either by boat or by foot. The walk to the beach involves a steep but beautiful path through bushland.   

Conditions here are usually calm and great for a swim. However, it is important to note that there is a deep tidal channel just offshore and strong tidal currents.

Facilities: There are non-flush toilets at the walking access point of the beach.

Food and Drink: BYO reigns here. Bring a picnic to enjoy and importantly be sure to leave this beautiful area as you found it and take all rubbish with you.

Parking: You can park on the street at High View Rd, Pretty Beach. The walking track is directly off this Rd.

Nearby: Part of the magic of this beach is that there is nothing nearby!


Need Central Coast accommodation? Discover Central Coast beach rentals here.


Maitland Bay


Travel With Meraki - Maitland Bay - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No.

Length: 0.6km long.

Beach Conditions: Waves can get heavy during large seas but usually a low surging shore break. The water quickly gets deep near the shore so take care.

During low tide, you can see the wreck of the boat that gave the bay its name when it sunk here in in 1898.

You are not permitted to fish here as it is in a Marine Park.

Facilities: There are toilets at Putty Beach.

Food and Drink: There is a picnic area just near the carpark at Putty Beach with tables and BBQ facilities. But we like to take a picnic to enjoy at the beach.

Parking: Parking is available at Putty Beach ( cost is $8 for the day) and near the Maitland Bay Information Centre on the Scenic Rd. Both involve walking. Either a steep a 2km return trip from The Information Centre or around a 6km return walk from Putty Beach. This is a beautiful walk and part of the longer Coast Walk to Macmasters Beach.

Nearby: The beauty of this beach is the walk to get there. Set in Bouddi National Park, the shorter walk will take you through Bouddi Grand Deep rainforest and hike lots of steps or from Putty Beach, you walk along sandstone plateaus with views stunning views. Make sure to check out the tessellated pavement along the way for a quick geology lesson.


Norah Head Beach


Travel With Meraki - Norah Head - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No

Length:0.3km long.

Beach Conditions: Sheltered beach with small waves and mostly free of rips.

Facilities:  Public toilets are located at Bush Reserve.

Food and Drink: The Ark Cafe is located right near the beach and has a fun, laid-back vibe.

Parking: Parking is available up near the lighthouse and also near the Ark Cafe.

Nearby: There is a small rock pool that is great for small children. You can walk up to the famous Lighthouse from the beach. Check Norah Head Lighthouse opening times and tours here. 


North Avoca Beach



Patrolled: From September school holidays till April School holidays.

Length:0.9km long.

Beach Conditions: The waves can get big at North Avoca and it is important to stay between the flags.

The rock pools are great for exploring and discovering.

Facilities: There are toilets at the Surf Club and outdoor showers just off the beach.

Food and Drink: There’s a great cafe, The Boy and The Rose just back from the beachfront.

Parking: Parking is available at the Surf Club.

Nearby: North Avoca is a short drive to the hub of Terrigal. You can also walk around the beach to Avoca.


Patonga Beach


Travel With Meraki - Patonga Beach - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No

Length: 1.4 km long

Beach Conditions: This is an extremely calm beach and only receives ocean waves during large swells.  This makes it the perfect spot for families to enjoy.

There is a nearby creek where you can also swim although near the mouth of the creek has strong tidal currents so take care.

Jetty fishing is also popular off the local jetty.

Facilities: There are toilets available just off the beach.  

Food and Drink: You can choose to bring your own to the picnic area and barbeques available. Alternatively, there is a great fish and chip shop amongst the few village stores. For something a little different, you can enjoy the sea views on the terrace of The Boathouse Patonga Hotel, perhaps with a locally brewed beer.

Parking: There is parking directly back from the beach.

Nearby: Patonga is actually only 35km from the centre of Sydney and taking the ferry over to Palm Beach takes around 30 minutes.


Pearl Beach


Travel With Meraki - Pearl Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No

Length: 1k long.

Beach Conditions: Head to the southern end of the beach with children for calmer waters. 

The water gets very deep close to shore so take care, especially when the waves are larger.

Facilities: There are public toilets just off the beach, near the children’s park.

Food and Drink: You can take a picnic to enjoy at tables just back from the beach or there is a local cafe on the street behind the beach. For something a little fancy, Pearls on the Beach is fine dining with amazing views. Located right on the beach, you can’t get anymore beachside.

Parking: Parking is all along the beach front but it can get very busy on weekends and holidays.

Nearby: Set in its own little valley there are plenty of pretty bush walks. At the South end of the beach is an ocean pool. This is great for laps but be careful of oysters on the sides of the pool which can cause nasty cuts.


Shelly Beach


Travel With Meraki - Shelley Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: From September school holidays till April School holidays.

Length: 1.5 km

Beach Conditions: Shelly beach has constant and dangerous rips. The southern end of the beach is patrolled by the SLSC so be sure to stay in this area when swimming.

At the northern end, waves average around 1.6 m, making it a popular spot for catching waves.

Facilities: Toilet facilities are located in the surf club and there are outdoor showers on the beach front.

Food and Drink: There is a beachside kiosk just at the bottom of the surf club where you can get hot food, cold drinks and of course Ice-cream. Up on the terrace of the Surf Club you can have a sit down meal with a view at Munchas Cafe.

Parking: There is parking all on the beachfront here.

Nearby: Shelly Beach Golf Club, is where you can enjoy 18-holes with breath-taking views. It is located just at the top of the hill before you go down to the beach. There is also a restaurant here that serves reasonably priced meals.


Spoon Bay


Travel With Meraki - Spoon Bay - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: No

Length: 1.07km long.

Beach Conditions: This is a local secret and one of our fave spots to escape it all.

There is a protected bay area which is great for families and trying out the body board.

A word of warning, there are rips on this beach and the area is unpatrolled at all times.

The rock pools here are fantastic for exploring but children need to be watched at all times.

Facilities: No facilities are at this beach except an outdoor shower near the car park. 

Food and Drink: There are no food and drink locations near to the beach so pack up the esky.

Parking: The only way to reach this beach is by foot from the car park at the end of Spoon Bay Rd.

Nearby: Spoon Bay sits central to Forries and Wamberal and the facilities they have.


Terrigal Beach


Travel With Meraki - Terrigal - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: From September school holidays till April School holidays. 9am-5/6pm.

Length: 1km long.

Beach Conditions: The waves tend to be much smaller here than nearby Wamberal making it a popular family beach. There is also the lagoon and rock pool for calmer swimming spots.

This is a great beach for a variety of water sports and you will see people with Sup’s, kayaks, bodyboards and more.

Facilities: There are outdoor showers along the beachfront and public toilets are located in the Surf Club building.

Food and Drink: Terrigal is a busy town and popular with tourists.  You will find everything from beachfront cafes, various world cuisines such as Indian and Thai to Fine Dining at locations like Crowne Plaza. Of course, there is always the popular Fish and Chip with some great local options available. There are also some fantastic bars like Pocket Bar.

Parking: There is a beachfront carpark near the Surf Club but this fills up fast and spots are time limited. Further into Terrigal is a multi-storey car park with free parking.

Nearby: Terrigal has a wide variety of boutique stores ranging from designer clothing, surfwear and art. There are popular markets in the area too including Greedy Guts and Terrigal Beach Markets. It is an easy walk to both The Haven and Wamberal beach. There is also a wide selection of Terrigal accommodation check it out here


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Toowoon Bay


Travel With Meraki - Toowoon Bay Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: From October long weekend until the end of the April.

Length:0.7km long

Beach Conditions: This beach sits in an inviting semi-circle with small waves and great swimming for families.  It is also a good spot to go snorkelling.

For bigger waves to surf, there are reefs both at the southern and northern end that create waves up to 2m.

Facilities: Head to the surf club for toilet facilities. There are is also a shower just off the beach.

Food and Drink: The cafe at the surf club is open most days 7am-2pm, depending on weather conditions. Picnic and BBQ facilities are up the hill at Swadling Reserve.  There are also nearby local shops that have a variety of cafes and stores.

Parking: Parking is available down near the surf club. If this is full you may have to head back up the beach and park in the larger car park near Swadling Reserve.

Nearby: There is a children’s park at Swadling Reserve. One of the Central Coast best accommodation options is here, the secluded and luxe Kims.


 Wamberal Beach


Travel With Meraki - Wamberal Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: From September school holidays till April School holidays. 9am-5/6pm.

Length: 1.8km long.

Beach Conditions: Wamberal can have strong rips, especially to the north of the Surf Club. Swimming between the flags is advised.

Wamberal is a popular surf location and you will see surfers out most days.

The adjacent lagoon is a great place to swim with families. And is also popular for paddleboarding and kayaking.

Facilities: There are outdoor showers near both parking areas and toilet facilities at the Wamberal Surf Club.

Food and Drink: Overlooking the beach and located in the surf club is Wamberal Ocean View Cafe, which is a great spot for coffee or a meal. 

Parking: The main parking areas for Wamberal Beach are at the surf club on Dover Rd and on Remembrance Dr, if want to be closer to the lagoon.

Nearby: You can walk the 3km along Wamberal beach to reach Terrigal. Behind the SLSC is a large park and there are small local stores on street back from the beach such as the Vietnamese restaurant, Sapa.


Umina – Ocean Beach


Travel With Meraki - Umina Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


Patrolled: From September school holidays till April School holidays.

Beach Conditions: With calm conditions at one end and small waves lapping the rest of the beach this is a great place for families to have some fun in the sun. There are rips here so please make sure you stay between the flags.

Often classed as one of the best learn to surf beaches on the Coast, there are a couple of great surf schools that take out all ages. Our three had a blast after receiving lessons for a Christmas present one year.

This beach is also an amazing place to take a beach stroll with views of Sydney’s Nothern Beaches in the distance and two of the Coasts national parks on either side.

Length: 2.6km long.

Facilities: There are outdoor showers near the beach and toilet facilities at the Surf Club. 

There is also a great play area just back from the beach. This has a flying fox, skateboard park and bike track for older children as well as a fenced area for younger children.

Straight back from the beach is the Big4 Ocean Beach Resort & Holiday Park. Here you can stay at a variety of accommodation ranging from camping to beach cabins. There is a pool, water play park and of course jumping pillows.

Food and Drink: There is a large area with barbeques and picnic tables if you want to bring your own food. Alternatively, there is a cafe at the surf club and Jasmine Greens Park Kiosk near the playground.  If you want to take the short walk into town,  there are plenty of eating establishments.

Parking: There is a large car park located at the SLSC

Nearby: Umina town centre is nearby with a variety of stores. The two nearby National Parks, Brisbane Water National Park and Bouddi National Park have plenty of activities to keep the family busy, with bush-walking, mountain biking and stunning lookouts.


Dog-friendly Beaches, Central Coast


Travel With Meraki - Wamberal Beach -Dog Friendly Beach - Central Coast - NSW - Australia


If you want to take your four-legged friend with you to the beach here is a list of the dog beaches, Central Coast NSW. Be sure to look at signs as there may still be areas your dog is not allowed.

  • Avoca Beach – Near the lagoon.
  • Copacabana Beach – All the way along the beach to the southern end of Macmasters Beach.
  • Forresters Beach – The middle area of the beach between the signs is dog-friendly.
  • Lakes Beach – Dog walking is available just north of the surf club.
  • North Avoca – Near the lagoon.
  • Patonga Beach – Between Brisk St and Jacaranda Ave dogs are allowed off leash.
  • Pearl Beach – The north end of the beach is a great place to walk your fur baby.
  • Putty Beach – The middle part of this beach is off leash.
  • The Haven Beach – Although dogs can’t walk along the beach, there is an off-leash area along the headland with amazing views.
  • Wamberal Beach – You can walk your dog from the Surf Street entrance along the southern end of the beach.

How many Central Coast beaches can you tick off? I ‘d love to know which are your favourites.

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Things to do Central Coast and surrounds:


Best Central Coast Beaches

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