Brilliant Travel Journal Ideas For your Next Adventure

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Travel Bullet Journal

Whether its a travel bullet journal, travelers notebook or travel journal, find out why keeping a travel diary is a must for your next trip and get some inspiration from some of the best travel journals around.


A travel journal is more than a way to remember what you did on a trip. 

The best travel journals are a mix of travel preparation, travel diary, and travel keepsake.  We think it is one the best items for travel, before, during and after. 

If you put a little time and effort into a personalized travel journal, it will be something you can look back on and treasure long after your trip has ended. 

Keep reading to get some ideas to create the best travel notebook, then get some inspiration from some amazing travel journals from other travelers. 


Travel Journal Ideas

Here are some diary ideas for how to make a travel journal. 

Pick and choose the things that suit your style and trip!

  • Packing list
  • Trip itinerary
  • Travel bucket list
  • Important things to remember ( this could be phone numbers, hotel address etc)
  • Travel journal prompts
  • Notes from your travel research online
  • Travel literature to read about your destination
  • Travel savings goals and tracking
  • Tickets, maps and other keepsakes
  • Words and phrases to know and remember
  • A daily diary of your trip
  • Drawings and travel doodles
  • Things you find interesting, maybe food stickers or funny sayings you come across
  • Travel Budget. Keep travel of your spending while traveling.
  • Travel outfits ideas. If you are packing light you can have a quick go-to list of different outfits you can make up.
  • Photographs. If you want to create amazing photographs of your trip, check out these easy travel photography tips. 


Travel Journal Examples

Get inspiration for your own travel diary with these travel journal ideas.


Travel Journal Paintings

Photo Credit: @mysquiggles

Make travel memories with sketches and drawings like this stunning Travel Journal

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Travel Itinerary ideas

Photo Credit: @bujoja

Makes sure you don't miss anything while traveling and keep a daily travel plan in your travel diary.

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Pretty Travel Journal

Photo Credit: @jtraftonart

Mix drawings, thoughts and memories to make a gorgeous travel diary you will love to look back on.

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How To Keep Travel Memories

Photo Credit: @mereljournals

This travel journal has a mix of lots of mediums that will bring back travel memories in an instant.

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How To Keep Track Of Travel Plans

Photo Credit: @boho.berry

Keeping a simple list of your travel plans in your travel notebook is a great idea and saves you searching around looking for paperwork or emails.

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Keeping Travel Information Safe

Photo Credit: @plansandletters

Use your travel journal to keep track of all the important details of your trip.

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Inspiring Travel Quotes

Photo Credit: @hndrntype

Add inspiring travel quotes to your diary! We have a whole post on the best travel quotes. Look out for the link at the bottom of this list!

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Travel Journal Packing List

Photo Credit: @journalspiration

Never forget to pack anything again by adding a packing list to your travel diary. A travel luggage checklist is also really handy if you are moving around a lot during your travels so you don't leave anything behind.

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Travel Bucket List

Photo Credit: @christina77star

Create a travel destination bucket list and tick off those amazing places after your trips.

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How To Get Organized For Your Trip

Photo Credit: @craftyenginerd

A Travel Bullet Journal is a great way to get super organized before a vacation or adventure.

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A Travel Wishlist

Photo Credit: @ajournalbyannie

Create a travel wishlist and then make those dreams happen!

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Road Trip Diary

Photo Credit: @mark_her_well

A Travel Diary doesn't have to be all about flying somewhere. Keep a travel log of all your local and road trips too.

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Travel countdown idea

Photo Credit: @everydaybulletjournal

Get excited for an upcoming trip by creating a countdown in your travel journal.

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Travel Photo Checklist

Photo Credit: @kangurajournals

Make sure you never miss a shot with a travel photography checklist.

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Beautiful Bullet Journal Travel Spread

Photo Credit: @smidgens.and.bits

A travel journal is anything you want it to be. Draw, take photo's, do some travel writing and create.

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Beautiful Travel Diary

Photo Credit: @cloakandplanner

Get personal in your travel diary. A great idea is to write it for your future self to read.

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Travel Savings Tracker

Photo Credit: @craftyenginerd

Make those travel dreams come true by saving hard and keeping a tracker to stay motivated.

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Mini Travel Notebook

Photo Credit: @jacquesjournal

Using a smaller notebook as your travel diary is a great idea so that you can pack it in your day bag easily.

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Travel Bujo Ideas

Photo Credit: @adagio.studies

Use stickers and washi tape to make your travel bujo pages look amazing.

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Record Travel Highlights

Photo Credit: @milkybujo

Make sure you remember all those special little moments from your travels by writing down your highlights from each of your amazing travel destinations

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Want to add an inspirational quote to your travel journal? Find the best travel quotes here. 


The Best Travel Journals

Have a think about how you are going to use your travel diary before you purchase one. If you are thinking more of a travel bullet journal you will want a dotted notebook like a leuchtturm bullet journal


If you want a book that does it all then take a look at a Moleskine travel journal .This book has a mix of lined, plain and dotted pages which makes it the best travel notebook.


Don’t forget the little ones with this gorgeous kids travel journal.




Travel Journal Supplies

HP Sprocket

A great accessory for travel. Print all your travel photos instantly and stick them in your travel journal. 


Journal Pens

Make sure you take good quality pens with you to get great results in your Travel diary. Here are some of my favorites.

Sakura Pigma Micron Fineliners


Tombow Twintone Pens


Glue Tape


Do you keep a travel diary? Tell us some of your favorite things to add and some of the best memories you have written in them.  

Travel quotes to add to your journal

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 The Best Travel Journal Ideas

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