Scenic World, The Best Blue Mountains Day Trip

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 Blue Mountains day trip to Scenic World


“Which one is the Blue Mountain?”, followed shortly by “ Why are they called the Blue Mountains?”.

Luckily I knew this question would pop up so got to pretend to be the all knowing mum after googling it the day before.

Just in case you want to know.

Why are the Blue Mountains blue?

The oil from the masses of Eucalyptus trees that populate the Blue Mountains create a blue haze. As droplets of oil combine with water vapor and dust particles in the air, they scatter short-wavelength light rays…which just happen to be mostly blue in colour. 

There is so much to see in this amazing part of Australia but one of our favorites is Blue Mountains Scenic World. 


blue mountains nsw


Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area


Over twice the size of America’s Grand Canyon, the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area is not only full of gorgeous mountain scenery and one of the most stunning landscapes in Australia but is important too.

From endangered and threatened wildlife such as the koala and the long-nosed potoroo to the Wollemi Pine. A tree that dates back to the time of the dinosaurs and believed to have been extinct millions of years ago, Blue Mountains National Park has lots to offer. 

And all this is only a two-hour day trip from Sydney. This makes the Blue Mountains a very popular tourist area.

Living fairly close to the area we have enjoyed many solitary bush-walks, the magic of ancient crystal caverns at Jenolan Caves, and the great art and culture at towns like Leura and Katoomba on previous adventures.

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Scenic World Blue Mountains


This trip we wanted to explore Scenic World Blue Mountains in Katoomba. We always try and beat the crowds for popular attractions so headed to Katoomba for open time. This also saved us money too as a family pass was cheaper before 10 am during the Easter weekend.

The family pass allows two adults and up to five children under 14 ( finally somewhere that knows there are families out there with more than two kids ) unlimited access to all the experiences at Scenic World. For prices check out their site.


The Scenic Skyway



The Scenic Skyway is one of the most popular rides so we decided to hop on here first.

With 360° views, the Skyway is the highest cable car in the country and takes you on a journey 270 metres up over ancient wilderness. My boys jumped on the glass floor straight away and stared in wonder as they passed views of Katoomba Falls.


blue mountains cable car


Scenic World - Blue Mountains - Sydney - NSW- scenic skyway


Once you get to the other side of the ravine it is a short walk to Echo Point Lookout.

While lots of visitors stop here and get the selfie sticks out to capture themselves with the Three Sisters in the background we took a small track and walked a little further.

Here the ancient traditional land of the Gundungurra and Darug People opens out in front of you. Sharing the path with only a few others we got uninterrupted views over a landscape millions of years old.

Although the stories vary from boys to bunyips on how,  in traditional Aboriginal stories,  legend tells of the Three Sisters, ‘Meehni’, ‘Wimlah’ and Gunnedoo’ who were turned to stone for their own protection.


Travel with Meraki - Scenic World - Blue Mountains - Sydney - NSW


3 sisters blue mountains


Further along, this path will take you to the Giant Stairway.  With over 800 steel and stone steps we decided to try this one when the children’s legs are a little longer and stronger.

If you walk the other way from the Skyway you have views over Katoomba Falls. Dropping 150 meters in two parts, they are one of the most visited spots in the Blue Mountains.

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Human History


As we gazed over the landscape it looks untouched by humans. With rock art in the area dating over 20,000 years, you discover that this is not the case.

As well as being home to six different Aboriginal language groups, this area has a rich European settlers history.

Dreaming of rich farming land, explorers crossed the seemly impassible Great Dividing Range in 1813. Towns such as Blaxland, Wentworth, and Lawson keeping names alive of the pioneers who made the first crossing.

Staring at the dense rainforest and high mountains, my kid’s imaginations went wild with how they would make the journey themselves and what they would come across on their adventures.



Scenic Railway Blue Mountains

This was the ride the children were excited about the most.

How long is the Scenic Railway?

At a 52° incline, this is the steepest passenger railway in the world. Waiting in the queue we could see the signs that let you choose your own adventure ride down. Of course, we decided that The Cliffhanger was the only way to go. At the push of a button, your seat changes to a 64° incline for the 310-meter ride into the lush Jurassic rainforest of the Jamison Valley.

Originally used as part of the mining trade in the late 1800’s this railway has undergone a variety of upgrades that you can see as you walk through to the train.


scenic railway blue mountains


Travel with Meraki - Scenic World - Blue Mountains - Sydney - NSW


The Scenic Walkway

At the bottom of the railway, you disembark at the Scenic Walkway. One of the best walks blue mountains for kids.

Here there are over 2km of walkways through dense, and peaceful rainforest.

As you walk through the dappled sunlight there are remnants of the area’s mining history and as well as fact boards sharing information about the local fauna and flora dotted along the walkways. 

There are walks of various lengths to choose from as well as a wheelchair accessible boardwalk.


Travel with Meraki - Scenic World - Blue Mountains - Sydney - NSW


Travel with Meraki - Scenic World - Blue Mountains - Sydney - NSW


Travel with Meraki - Scenic World - Blue Mountains - Sydney - NSW



During our visit, we were lucky enough to see Sculpture at Scenic World. Listening to the amazing mimic of the lyrebird while exploring the outdoor gallery was a highlight of the journey.


Scenic World - Blue Mountains - Sydney - NSW- sculpture at scenic world


Travel with Meraki - Scenic World - Blue Mountains - Sydney - NSW


Travel with Meraki - Scenic World - Blue Mountains - Sydney - NSW


Blue Mountains Skyway


Jumping aboard the huge aerial cable car we ascended from the floor of the Jamison Valley back up to the Top Station.

With more views to soak up of Orphan Rock and the Three Sisters. 

As with all the rides, the staff gives a running commentary on the area and sites to look for.


Travel with Meraki - Scenic World - Blue Mountains - Sydney - NSW


At the Top Station snacks, gifts and food are available as well as bathrooms.

Scenic World Blue Mountains is a great way to experience the Blue Mountains. With opportunities for unrivaled views, easy access walkways or the chance to explore on bush trails, you can make the day fit your unique style of adventure.


Travel with Meraki - Scenic World - Blue Mountains - Sydney - NSW


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Travel With Meraki – Explore more than just the most popular spots. Even in a busy location like Scenic World Blue Mountains you can walk just 10 minutes away from the tourist lookout and lose the crowds. We had an amazing view of the Three Sisters all to ourselves after walking along the path a little way.



The Blue Mountains Australia

How do I get to the Blue Mountains from Sydney?

The gateway to the Blue Mountains is at Glenbrook. This is only a 50-minute drive from Sydney. From Sydney follow the signs to Parramatta and then head on the M4 which will take you through to Glenbrook.


Scenic World Tickets

Opening times are 9am-5pm. We suggest getting there early as it can get very busy.

If you are visiting in school holidays make sure you get your entry ticket before 10 am and you can save. You can also purchase tickets online. 

To find out how much is the Scenic Railway? and other attractions head here for the most up to date prices

Scenic World Parking

Parking is free at the site but fills up quickly.

Scenic World Map

To get access to a Scenic World Map and other inclusions you can download the Scenic World app here

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 Scenic World in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Sydney


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