105 Travel Blog ideas For Travel Posts Your Readers Will Love

Travel Blog Post Ideas

Got writers block and need some travel blogs ideas? Check out these travel post ideas for inspiration.

Trying to think of new travel blog posts can be hard work!

Despite what all your friends and family think, I know you don’t just get to explore amazing new destinations all the time or sit on a beach somewhere tropical relaxing. Travel blogging is a full time job, and it can be exhausting thinking of new travel blog content ideas.

Whether it’s coming up with post ideas when you’re at home, or what to write about when you have just been to a destination, sometimes the post ideas just don’t flow.

To help I have created 105 travel post ideas.

If you want to keep these for next time you have writers block you can scroll to the end to get your free printable of blog post ideas.

Happy writing!

Tips For Writing Amazing Travel Blog Posts

How to write a travel blog post is going to different for each person and site. Here are a few tips that can help you create travel content with WOW factor. 

  • Remember that as a travel blogger you are probably very experienced with all things travel. Your readers are most likely not! This means that something that may seem obvious to you is something they know nothing about.
  • Help your readers. Answer questions they ask, think of all those small details that can make your readers experience while traveling better.Google Questions is a great way to see what people want to know.
  • Write in your own voice. Your readers have come to your blog because they like what you have to say. Keep true to your voice and be YOU! The magic of travel blogs over generic sites is that we are quirky, fun, unique and personal.
  • Think about how you will generate traffic to your post. Writing a post that will rank well with SEO is very different from writing a travel post for social media. Make sure your content, format and tone suits where you plan to market this post.
  • Maximize your content. Each trip you make you need to be sure to write a good 5-10 posts ( even if it’s just a weekend away). Be sure to make notes and take lots of photographs. Research and plan your trip and have a rough idea of the posts you want to write before you leave ( you are guaranteed to have more ideas as you travel ).
  • Just write! We all have days where the words just don’t flow. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break ( we can’t be geniuses all the time, right?). Just type what comes to mind, don’t edit then save and walk away from the computer for a while. When you back to it, you may be inspired to add more or salvage a blog post from your ideas.


Travel Post Ideas

Post Ideas For Travel Blog

You can use these as prompts to get your writing juices to flow or take the idea as the title for your travel blog post ( just remember to use those SEO travel keywords too!).

Travel Blog Ideas For When You Are Not Traveling

  1. Why Travel Is Good For You
  2. How To Save For Your Next Adventure
  3. Create a post about your favorite and must-have travel items. All those things that make your trip better and easier. From packing cubes to camera equipment and walking shoes.
  4. Create a travel guide. Use all your posts you have about a destination to create an ultimate travel guide about it. ( This could even be a downloadable ebook you sell).
  5. Travel Books To Inspire Your Next Adventure
  6. How To Eat Vegan/Gluten Free/ Keto While You Travel
  7. The Most Versatile Travel Clothes ( It can be a mix and match post, or may convertible clothing or even items that dry super fast).
  8. Your top tips to beat jet lag.
  9. What You Need To Organize At Home Before You Travel ( Think of insurance, bill payments, events while you are away, house sitting etc)
  10. Travel Resources To Book An Amazing Trip
  11. My Favorite Travel Podcasts
  12. My Favorite Travel Blogs
  13. Which Luggage Is Best For You ( Compare luggage styles like backpacks, wheel suitcases and list pros’ and con’s)
  14. Why You Should Be A Tourist At Home
  15. Travel Gift Guide ( create lists of all the amazing travel products for travelers. You can do solo travelers, kids, grey nomads and much more)

Travel Post Ideas About Travel Tips and Hacks

  1. How To Find The Cheapest Flights
  2. Best Packing Hacks From A Travel Pro
  3. How To Stay Fit And Healthy While You Travel
  4. 11 Worst Travel Mistakes That Cost You Money
  5. Don’t Leave For Your Road Trip Without These Essentials
  6. How To Use Your Mobile When You Travel (This can include purchasing SIM cards abroad, mobile data charges, things to watch for so you don’t come home with a huge bill)
  7. Why You Need Travel Insurance
  8. How To Pick The Perfect Travel Accommodation ( Review or state pro’s and con’s for hostels, hotels, Airbnb, backpackers. Help your reader find the right accommodation to make their trip amazing).
  9. How To Volunteer Abroad
  10. Money Hacks ( This post can have currency tips, how to travel with money and information about travel cards, fees etc)
  11. Hotel Hacks ( Show your readers how they can make the most of their stay and what to look for. This can be lounge use, how to find out what free services are available and more)
  12. Carry On Packing Secrets
  13. How Not To Look Like A Tourist While Traveling
  14. Plane Travel Hacks You Need To Know
  15. Mistakes Not To Make When You Hire A Car
  16. How To Plan An Amazing Vacation

Travel Post Ideas For Destinations

Every time you visit a new destination try to have a number of posts planned so you can maximize your content with each trip. It is best if you can have a rough plan of action before your trip. This way you can research, plan your itinerary and activities to suit the posts you want to write.

  1. Must Try Food In ____
  2. 10 Spots To Take Amazing Instagram Photos in ____
  3. 11 Free Things To Do In ____
  4. How To See ____ On A Budget
  5. Non-Tourist Sites To Explore In ____
  6. Sustainable Travel Tips When You Visit ____
  7. How To Give Back When You Travel To ____
  8. Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Visit ____
  9. 5 Top Local Tips For Your Trip To ____
  10. Things You Have To Pack For  ____
  11. 5 Places Not To Visit In ____
  12. 15 Top Tips For Your First Trip To ____
  13. Public Transport Hacks For Your Visit To ____
  14. 11 Best Things To Do In ____
  15. XX Day Itinerary For ____
  16. Accessible Travel To ____
  17. Places To See In ____ When It Rains
  18. Responsible Animal Encounters In ____

Personal Travel Post Ideas

This one can be a little tricky. While adding a personal touch is something readers love, they don’t want to wade through a day-by-day diary style post. Instead think how your personal experiences and knowledge can help someone who wants to travel. Be entertaining while informative!

  1. How Travel Changed My Life
  2. Why ___ Is My Favorite Travel Destination ( After XX Countries)
  3. The Worst Travel Disasters And What I Learned From Them
  4. Honest reviews of tours you have taken ( can be city tours or tour companies)
  5. Your best personal experiences in a destination. Maybe you went adventuring off the beaten track, or found some secret places from a local. Share you stories in an informative and inspiring way.
  6. Hotel Reviews ( Travel writers can be pretty lucky sometimes, why not review that luxury hotel you stayed in?)
  7. My Bucketlist ( and why I want to travel there )
  8. Why I Like To Travel ____ ( This could be budget, luxury, with carry on only. Anything about your personal travel style and why it might appeal to other travelers)
  9. Your best food experiences while traveling.
  10. People love to know how much travel costs. Create a breakdown of your budget for your trips.

Generic Travel Blog Ideas

  1. How To Not Be A Bad Tourist
  2. How To Book The Best Family Vacation / Honeymoon / First Solo Trip etc.
  3. Top Tips For Solo Travel/ Couple Travel / Friend Travel
  4. Best Travel Quotes
  5. How To Travel Anywhere On A Budget
  6. Must Have Beauty Items For Travel
  7. Accessible Travel
  8. Inspirational Travelers
  9. What To Do When Travel Goes Wrong
  10. Should You Travel To ____ or ____? Discover Which One is Perfect For You.
  11. Travel Phrases To Learn To Make Friends With The Locals
  12. Top Backpacking Tips To Travel On A Budget
  13. How To Make Friends When Traveling Solo
  14. Things You Should Splurge On When You Travel ( And What To Not Spend Money On)
  15. How To Take Amazing Vacation Photographs
  16. Best Eco-friendly Products For Travel
  17. How To Take Self Portraits When Traveling Solo.
  18. Pro’s And Con’s For Using A Travel Agent
  19. What To Do When Homesickness Strikes
  20. How To Go Diving While Traveling
  21. Best Wildlife Experiences Around The World ( How To See Wildlife Responsibly)
  22. Why Travel Is The Only Thing You Spend Money On That Makes You Richer
  23. The Best Travel Cameras


Travel Blog Listicles or Round Up Ideas

If you haven’t been to a destination yourself or aren’t traveling at the moment then these posts are great to add to your site. There are Facebook groups where you can ask for round up content. Just be sure to correctly credit the author, use the best content you can and never use another writers content or images without permission.

  1. 10 Beaches You Have To Visit Once In Your Lifetime
  2. 50 Top Travel Tips From Travel Experts To Make Your Next Trip Amazing
  3. The Best Places To Travel In YEAR
  4. Best Sustainable Travel Destinations
  5. 10 Amazing Travel Photographs That Will Make You Want To Visit ____
  6. 25 Tips To Make Travel With A Baby/Toddler/Pet Easier
  7. Amazing Places To Travel For A Girls Trip/ Friends Vacation
  8. Seasonal destination posts. Maybe you visited in spring? Ask for content for a different season so you can compare or create a best time to visit ____ post.
  9. The Best Destinations For First Time Travelers
  10. 100 Places To See Solo/With Family / Before 30 etc
  11. 50 Best Road Trips
  12. 21 Destinations To Go For Your First Backpacking Trip
  13. 25 Overrated Destinations ( And Where To Go Instead )
  14. 30 Best Train Trips Around The World
  15. 25 Unique Travel Experiences
  16. Dive Sites To Visit In ____

Lighthearted Travel Post Ideas

It doesn’t all have to be serious. Have a little fun with your readers and create a quiz.

  1. What Country Should I Travel To Next?
  2. Which Type Of Traveler Am I?
  3. What Country Should I Live In?
  4. Horoscope Travel Destinations
  5. A Travel Item I Should Never Leave Home Without Is…?
  6. What Is My Travel Style?
  7. Find Out My Travel Photography Style

I hope these travel blog topics have helped you overcome writers block!

If you want these as a FREE pdf printable to keep for next time you are stuck for travel blog ideas just on the image below.


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Travel with Meraki – The secret to successful travel blog ideas is helping others! Make sure your posts are informative, all information is correct and you answer questions your readers may have. If readers love your content they will keep returning to your site, recommend it to others and share your posts.


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