5 Ways to Satisfy your Wanderlust Right Now!

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I have itchy feet…constantly.

The reality though, is that I probably wouldn’t like to travel all the time. I love following families who have amazing lives of travel but I like my kids going to one school, I like having close friends around the corner and I enjoy having my awesome family just up the road.

It doesn’t stop me dreaming of travel though, and the one or two trips I make a year doesn’t quench the wanderlust.

So if you have no travel plans on the horizon here’s how you can get your fix NOW…


1. Follow some amazing Travel blogs and Travel Instagram accounts.

Some of my favorite accounts to follow are ytravelblog, World of Wanderlust, Wanderlust Crew, Macs_explore, Smithsholidayroad, Familyoffduty and alittleatlarge.

Not only do they show you some amazing places and images that can’t help but brighten your day, it helps you plan future trips and must-see places.

Planning a holiday is almost as exciting as going on one!


2. Go to your local information center.

I’m serious. Have you ever been? Probably not if you grew up in the area, why would you?

You may be surprised to find some little gem of a location, cafe or activity that you have never heard of, or tried.

Another option is to head to your local area’s tourist website.

What’s the old saying? A change is as good as a holiday!


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3. Set yourself a local challenge.


I’m blessed, living in a coastal area so we have challenges such as our latest challenge to visit every beach in our local area. But it could be to see a sunrise at a familiar haunt or go to a new gallery.

Whatever floats your boat.

The idea is to see your usual places differently.


4. Go on strike for a day…or a week.


All those bits about holidays that you love, do them at home!

Go get a massage. Eat out every night for a week. Have a cocktail…or three.

Spend all day doing absolutely nothing except reading a great book.

Pick one of your favorite holiday activities and do it in your home area!


5. Go on a photography excursion.


Take pictures of your area, as a visitor would!

It doesn’t matter if you have the fanciest DSLR or an iPhone, take the time to create your images not just snap them.

You will be surprised with what you come up with.


Get some great Travel Photography Tips here. 


Be A tourist at Home.

You could even do all of the above and plan an itinerary as though you were a tourist!


So why not plan your holiday at home right now! We’d love to see some photographs of your home area too so please share below!



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