4 Terrific Reasons You Need To Take Your Kids Quad Biking At Stockton Beach Sand Dunes

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Stockton quad biking at Stockton beach sand dunes

Firstly, I ‘d like to admit that this experience was not only my children’s first time on a quad bike but mine too. And I’d also like to embarrassingly admit that I got stuck within the first five minutes of riding ( before even getting on the dunes ).

Luckily, the staff at Sand Dune Adventures were not only great guides but patient too.

We all got the hang of the quads quickly once we started our adventures and wanted to share why we think you should also take your children out quad bike riding Stockton beach.



Located in New South Wales, Australia, The Stockton Sand Dunes are the largest moving coastal sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere. 

At 32kms and thousands of years old, the Stockton Beach sand dunes are impressive! They also change daily with the weather and wind. 

Used as one of the filming locations for Mad Max, these dunes are a lot of fun and you can find people enjoying them from camelback, sandboards and more. 

Off the coast of the dunes you might be lucky enough to see humpback whales pass by or see Great Whites in the nursery off Stockton Beach. 

So why do you need to take your kids quad biking?


It’s Fun

Let’s start with the obvious.

Quad biking is so much fun for nearly all ages.

Sand Dune Adventures had Stockton quad biking tours available for children aged 7 upwards and there was no prior experience needed ( as I proved ). Our children are aged between 7-10 and adults and children alike had a blast.


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Learning a New Skill Builds Confidence


Unless your children have been lucky enough to have grown up in a rural area, it is probably likely that this will be a new experience for them.

My boys were naturals but they still learned more about coordination, balance, and safety.

The moving Worimi Sand Dunes can reach over 40 meters. While we didn’t tackle anything near that size, some of the dunes were pretty daunting from the bottom ( and the top ).

My 7-year old daughter was so proud of herself as she overcame her fears and zipped up and over them. 


The Views


With views along the coastline of Stockton Beach, pure white sands and wide open blue skies it was sometimes hard to make sure you kept your concentration on your ride rather than the beauty around you.

Due to the location of sand dunes around the world, it’s a guarantee you are going to be surrounded by some pretty spectacular mother nature wherever you ride during quad bike riding Stockton beach.


Travel With Meraki - Sand Dune Adventures - Quad Biking - Stockton Beach - Newcastle - Australia


A History Lesson

It seems that all over the globe ancient people held the same fascination for these beautiful ever-shifting landscapes too.

If you choose to do a tour with the right company then it is possible to get a history lesson along with the buzz.

Sand Dune Adventures run a 1.5-hour aboriginal culture, sand boarding and quad biking tour.

The 4200-hectare Worimi Conservation Lands are managed by the Aboriginal Traditional Owners, the Worimi People. Not only do they take great pride in caring for the land, they share their history with explanations of the local Middens ( ancient camp and burial grounds).

Our guide explained that bones have been found in the area that have been carbon dated back some 10,000 years.


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We loved our adventures in this stunning part of Australia. Nearby Newcastle and Hunter Valley also have a wide range of family activities.  


Travel With Meraki – When you visit a special area like these conservation lands, always go with a knowledgeable guide, who knows the area well. While we were on our tour the ranger stopped a dirt bike rider who was riding through a sacred site. Remember to always ” Take only memories and leave only footprints”. Caring for these beautiful places is vital.











Plan Your Nelson Bay Sand Dunes Trip

Our tour was with Sand Dune Adventures.

Located on Nelson Bay Rd, Williamtown. 

Looking for somewhere to stay during your adventure quad bike nelson bay? Check out great deals on accommodation here.

Children quad bikes are for ages 7 to 13 years.

We recommend wearing enclosed shoes and long pants for quad biking.

Quad Biking can be dangerous. Make sure you go with a reputable company and listen to all the safety instructions of the guides.  


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Quad Biking Sand Dunes

Stockton beach sand dunes for Stockton quad biking 



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